Partial Knee Replacement

Partial Knee Replacement- ( Uni Knee)

Knee Arthritis is a common problem which requires management based on Patient’s age, disability, requirements and presence of any other co-morbities. In early arthritis, the initial treatment remain exercises, physiotherapy & medications. If arthritis is severe then in elderly patients Total knee Replacement gives very gratifying results.
Arthritis In Young Persons- Advanced arthritis in young persons remain a challenge as we try to avoid Total Knee Replacement in such patients. If the arthritis is limited to one side of the knee only( Unicompartmental arthritis- usually medially) the Partial Knee replacement gives excellent result. In Uni-Knee replacement only the affected part of the knee is replaced leaving all ligaments and the other part of knee intact. Here the recovery is very quick and as most of the ligament is intact so the patient feels as if his natural knee is intact.