Knee Arthroscopy for Meniscus Tear

What Is Meniscus?

Meniscus are cushion like structures in the Knee joint between femur & Tibia which acts like a Shock absorber. They help in weight transmission across the Knee Joint & also stabilizes the Joint.

How Does Meniscus Gets Torn?

Meniscus may get torn due to Sports Injury, RTA or sometimes when they get caught between the Femur & Tibia due to twisting Injury. In elderly they may get torn spontaneously due to degenerative changes( Ageing).

What Problems Does A Patient Get Due To Torn Meniscus?

Patient may complain of Pain, Instability or a Locking sensation in the Knee Joint due to Meniscus Tear. There may also be swelling or effusion in the Knee Joint.

What Is The Treatment For Meniscus Tear?

Initial treatment is medicines & physiotherapy. If pain or locking sensation persists the surgery is done. Arthroscopic
(Keyhole surgery) Menisectomy or meniscus repair is gold standard for meniscus tears.

Torn Meniscus
Menisectomy Torn
Menisectomy Torn
Torn Meniscus