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Best Arthroscopy Rotator Cuff Repair Surgeon in Delhi – Dr. Shekhar Srivastav

Dr. Shekhar Srivastav is a leading Rotator Cuff repair Surgeon in Delhi and is HOD of the Orthopedics Department at the Delhi Institute of Trauma and Orthopaedics (DITO)Sant Parmanand Hospital. He has a keen interest in the management of Knee & Shoulder problems, Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery.

He has performed thousands of Total & Partial Knee Replacement( Primary, Revision & Unicondylar replacement) & Arthroscopic Surgeries ( ACL, Meniscus, and Cartilage surgeries). Similarly, in Shoulder, he’s an expert in performing Shoulder Arthroscopies ( Bankart repair, Arthroscopy Rotator Cuff Repair) & Shoulder replacement Surgeries ( Total & Reverse Shoulder Replacements).

Robotics Knee Replacement

Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair

Rotator Cuff tears don’t heal by themselves. In partial or small tears conservative management can be tried. But if the problem persists or if the tear is large this requires surgical repair. Previously open surgery was done for the repair but now the complete repair can be done arthroscopically (keyhole technique). Tiny holes are made in the skin over the shoulder joint through which a small camera is inserted and repair is done. This relieves the pain and function is restored

Rotator Cuff Tear

A group of muscles surrounds the shoulder joint called the rotator cuff which is the most important muscle for the shoulder joint. These muscles can get torn due to injury in a younger individual. But this is mostly torn in elderly persons due to degeneration( wear & tear) without any significant trauma. The patient complains of pain, and weakness in his shoulder, and in long-standing cases, it can lead to arthritis of the shoulder joint.

About your shoulder

The shoulder joint is covered by layers of muscles that help you to move your arm. The deepest layer consists of three main muscles collectively known as the rotator cuff.

It serves many purposes but the main function of the cuff is to lift (elevate) your arm.


The rotator cuff is situated underneath a bone of shoulder known as acromion. The space for the cuff is very tight and in many patients the cuff may rub on the undersurface of the acromion.

This can lead to painful inflammation, particularly with the use of an arm or at night in bed. If this rubbing of the rotator cuff underneath the acromion continues, a small hole may be torn in the rotator cuff.



FAQs by Rotator Cuff Surgery Patients

What are the symptoms?

Initially pain while using the arm or pain at night which might interfere with sleep may be the only symptom. If the tear is small then the arm may still have full function. If the tear becomes large then you may lose power in your arm, and eventually may not be lift the arm at all. In rare cases, this may lead to arthritis within the shoulder joint.

What tests are done?

The diagnosis is made on your symptoms and clinical examination which is performed by your doctor. An x-ray is done to look for any bony pathology. MRI is done to confirm the diagnosis and to determine the extent of the tear, amount of retraction, and fatty degeneration in the rotator cuff.

What is the treatment?

The treatment is done by keyhole surgery (arthroscopy). A number of small holes are made around the shoulder and the surgery is performed through these keyholes with a camera and special instruments. In the early stages of the disease, with impingement syndrome and no rotator cuff tear, the treatment is subacromial decompression.

It involves the removal of a bony spur from the undersurface of the acromion. This increases the space available for the rotator cuff and therefore the amount of rubbing on the undersurface is reduced. This allows the inflammation and pain to settle.

If the rotator cuff is torn, then more extensive surgery is required. Suture anchors are used to repairing the tears in the rotator cuff and fix them to the bone. In some cases, the surgeon may also decide to release the Biceps tendon along with repairing of torn Rotator Cuff if it is damaged. It is important to repair a torn Rotator Cuff tendon early as in long-standing cases the tendon may retract and the quality of the tendon also deteriorates thus leading to a poor outcome even after surgery. If the cuff tear is massive, repair may not be possible by any means. In these cases, a subacromial decompression is done and no other procedure is attempted.

How much does rotator cuff surgery cost in India?

Rotator cuff surgery is a common procedure performed to repair a torn or damaged rotator cuff in the shoulder. In India, the cost of rotator cuff surgery can vary depending on several factors. Firstly, the type of surgery required plays a significant role in determining the cost. There are different techniques available, such as arthroscopic or open surgery, and the choice will depend on the severity of the injury and the arthroscopic surgeon’s recommendation.

Secondly, the location and reputation of the hospital or clinic also influence the cost. Major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore tend to have higher healthcare costs compared to smaller towns.

Additionally, the experience and expertise of the surgeon can impact the overall cost. For rotator cuff surgery in delhi, Dr Shekhar Srivastav is the best Shoulder Arthroscopic Surgeon.

It is important to note that the cost of rotator cuff surgery in India is generally more affordable compared to many Western countries. However, it is advisable to consult with multiple Shoulder Arthroscopic Surgeons and consider factors like post-operative care and rehabilitation expenses while evaluating the total cost.

When should I see a doctor for a rotator cuff tear?

A rotator cuff tear is a common injury that affects the muscles and tendons in the shoulder joint. It can occur as a result of trauma, such as a fall or lifting heavy objects, or it can develop gradually over time due to repetitive motion or age-related degeneration. If you suspect you have a rotator cuff tear, it is important to seek medical attention promptly. While some minor tears may heal on their own with rest and conservative treatments, more severe tears may require surgical intervention. Symptoms of a rotator cuff tear include pain, weakness, limited range of motion, and a popping or clicking sensation in the shoulder. However, it is worth noting that not all tears cause noticeable symptoms. To determine the severity of the tear and the appropriate course of treatment, a Doctor will typically perform a physical examination, review medical history, and may order imaging tests such as an MRI or ultrasound. They will also consider factors such as the patient’s age, overall health, and activity level.

How is the surgery for the rotator cuff performed?

Rotator cuff surgery is a procedure that is performed to repair a tear in the rotator cuff, which is a group of tendons and muscles that surround the shoulder joint. This type of surgery is typically recommended when conservative treatments, such as physical therapy and medication, have failed to provide relief. During the surgery, the patient is placed under general anesthesia, which means they are completely asleep and pain-free. The surgeon then makes small incisions around the shoulder joint to access the torn tendons. They use a tiny camera, called an arthroscope, to guide their instruments and perform the repair. Depending on the extent of the tear, the surgeon may either stitch the torn tendons back together or reattach them to the bone using small anchors or screws. In some cases, if the tendon is severely damaged, a graft may be used to reinforce the repair. After the surgery, patients typically need to wear a sling to immobilize the shoulder and promote healing. Physical therapy is an essential part of the recovery process, as it helps restore strength and range of motion to the shoulder joint. Full recovery can take several months, and it is important for patients to follow their surgeon’s instructions and attend all recommended follow-up appointments.

How long does it take to recover from rotator cuff tendinitis?

Rotator cuff tendinitis causes shoulder pain and inflammation. Recovery time varies but typically takes 6-12 weeks with proper treatment. Severe cases or rotator cuff tears may require longer recovery. Treatment includes rest, physical therapy, pain medication, and possibly injections. Physical therapy focuses on strengthening the rotator cuff and improving range of motion. Consult a healthcare professional for personalized treatment. Preventive measures like avoiding overhead activities and maintaining good posture can reduce future risk.

Is rotator cuff surgery a major surgery?

Rotator cuff surgery is a surgical procedure that aims to repair or reconstruct the torn tendons in the shoulder joint. It is considered a major surgery due to the complexity of the shoulder joint and the importance of the rotator cuff in enabling smooth shoulder movement. The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder joint, providing stability and allowing for a wide range of motion. When these tendons are torn or damaged, it can result in pain, weakness, and limited mobility. Rotator cuff surgery typically involves making small incisions in the shoulder and using specialized instruments to repair or reattach the torn tendons. The procedure may be performed arthroscopically or through an open surgery, depending on the severity of the tear. Recovery from rotator cuff surgery can be a lengthy process, involving physical therapy and rehabilitation to regain strength and mobility in the shoulder. It is important to follow post-operative instructions and engage in proper rehabilitation to achieve the best possible outcome.


Rotator Cuff Repair : Patient Education

Vandana Sahu - Arthroscopic Surgery

Ms. Vandana Sahu, Robotic Knee Replacement

I have had a Knee Problem for the past 10 years and many recommended Dr Shekhar Srivastav for Knee Replacement surgery. I had a good experience and his behavior and treatment is wonderful.

Mrs. Renu Aggarwal- Robotic Knee Replacement

Mrs. Renu Aggarwal, Robotic Knee Replacement

I got the surgery done in February 2023 and I am now able to walk comfortably. Dr Shekhar and his team is commendable and Dr Shekhar is par excellence.

Babita Rani- Robotic Knee Replacement

Babita Rani, Robotic Knee Replacement

The behavior of Dr Shekhar and his team was excellent. We are grateful for the treatment and highly recommend Dr Srivatsav to anyone suffering from knee Arthritis.

Ms. Anmol's Shoulder Arthroscopy

Ms. Anmol, Shoulder Arthroscopy

I was discharged within 2 days after the surgery. I highly recommend Dr Shekhar Srivastav for arthroscopic surgeries for knee and shoulder problems 

Archana Mittal - Partial Knee Replacement

Archana Mittal, Partial Knee Replacement

I could walk right from the second day of the surgery. Dr Srivastav is very humble and polite and made us comfortable and trust him completely.

Shreshta Mahajan- Robotic Knee Replacement

Shreshta Mahajan, Robotic Knee Replacement

There is magic in Dr Shekhar’s hands! I never imagined I would lead a normal life just after 2 months of this Knee surgery. 

Ms. Meena- Robotic Knee Replacement

Ms. Meena, Robotic Knee Replacement

I was able to climb stairs on the fourth day of the surgery itself. I have no words to express how good Dr. Shekhar is with his patient, he is an expert in his field and yet so humble   

Kiran Gupta- Shoulder Arthroscopy

Kiran Gupta, Shoulder Arthroscopy

I am fully satisfied and recovered fast. Apart from being an excellent doctor, Dr. Srivastav is an excellent human being too,

Pushpa Yadav- Robotic Knee Replacement

Pushpa Yadav, Robotic Knee Replacement

I was suffering from an acute  Knee Problem for 11 years. Dr Shekhar and his team are excellent, they lived up to our trust. I can now walk and do all household errands easily.

Knee replacement patient testimonials- Mr Amarnath Sethi

Mr. Amarnath Sethi- Knee Replacement

I am over 70 years old and was suffering from severe Arthritis and Knee pain for eight years. But I consider myself fortunate to have met Dr. Shekhar who advised me knee replacement. After successful surgery , I regained my happiness in life .


Mr. Suresh Chand- Total Knee Replacement

My knees were badly injured in an accident. I know about Dr. Shekhar, he and his team operated on my knee successfully, and now I am extremely happy and Thankful to Dr. Shekhar Srivastav.

Mr. Suresh Chand
Total Knee Replacement

Mrs. Murti Devi- Robotic Knee Replacement

I have had an operate on my knees from Dr. Srivastav, as one of my kins recommended him.  I had so much pain in my knees, after successful surgery of Total Knee Replacement, I am satisfied with the service. Thank You Dr. Shekhar.

Ms. Murti Devi
Total Knee Replacement

Mr. Kundan Singh- ACL Reconstruction Surgery

In 2013 My leg got injured during sports, it was an ACL Injury. I couldn’t even walk after that. Then I consulted Dr. Srivastav, he did my surgery very well and I got back to work after 2-3 weeks leaving all braces and support and after 6-7 months I could do everything that I wanted. So happy and satisfied with the treatment.

Mr. Kundan Singh
ACL Reconstruction Surgery

Nittin Kumar Gupta- ACL Injury

I was operated by sir. In just two weeks my report was ok. Even after being overweight, I am perfectly fine. After one month of operation, I recovered perfectly well even after my heavy weight. I could walk myself in just 15 days after the operation. There is no problem at all now.

Nittin Kumar Gupta
ACL Injury

Mr. Hari Lal-Both knee Replacement

ऑपरेशन से पहले मैं हर काम के लिए बच्चो के सहारे के मोहताज था। Tiolet के लिए भी मुझे बच्चो का सहारा लेना पड़ता था तथा दर्द के कारण  मुझे रात भर नींद नहीं आती थी। Knee Replacement के बाद मैं अपनी सभी दिनचर्या के काम बिना दर्द के बड़ी आसानी से कर लेता हूँ मेरी यह सलाह हैं कि जिस किसी को भी इस ऑपरेशन कि जरुरत है वह इसे अवश्य कराए।  मुझे तो इससे एक तरह से नई जिंदगी मिली हैं।

Mr. Hari Lal
Both knee Replacement

Parsen Hedaoo-Arthroscopic ACL Reconstruction

This Hospital specializes in ligament injuries and Dr. Shekhar Srivastav is very skillful and experienced which I have personally seen. I had ACL reconstruction done seven months back and I am recovering at a good pace. I can notice remarkable differences in my activities with the reconstructed ligaments which have given me better stability at the knee without any pain. The Supporting staff was also amicable. My overall experience with the Hospital was excellent. I wish him all the best for the future.

Parsen Hedaoo
Arthroscopic ACL Reconstruction

Gaurav Sharma- PCL Recovery

 I would like to Thank You and Your entire team for my speedy recovery. The way you and your staff handled my knee problem is commendable.

Gaurav Sharma
PCL Recovery

Ms. Ankita – Ligament Surgery

I couldn’t walk normally for one and a half months. After successful treatment from Dr. Shekhar Srivastav, I am able to walk normally. I am so happy and thankful to everyone who took care of me.

Ms. Ankita
Ligament Surgery

Varun Talwar– Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction

Thanks for being such a good doctor and allowing me to be able to get back to this normal life & for treating me in such a multi-specialty hospital having excellent Patient Care.

Varun Talwar
Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction

Mrs. Sunita Prasad- Both Knee Replacement

I had severe arthritis in both my knees leading to pain & deformity. I had problems in performing day-to-day activities & Pain was also disturbing my sleep. My life has changed now and I become more active and mobile after the surgery.

Mrs. Sunita Prasad
Both Knee Replacement

Mrs. Sheela – Bilateral Total Knee Replacement

पहले मैं बहुत डर रही थी ऑपरेशन करवाने से पर सर्जरी के बाद मुझे पहले से बहुत आराम आया और चलने फिरने में तकलीफ नहीं हुई, पहले मैं उठ भी नहीं पाती थी। अब मैं अपना सारा काम खुद कर लेती हूँ, डॉक्टर साहब के इलाज के बाद मुझे जो आराम मिला है, जो संतुष्टि मिली है उससे मैं ही नहीं मेरे परिवार वाले भी बहुत खुश हैं। डॉक्टर साहब का बहुत बहुत आभार।

Mrs. Sheela
Bilateral Total Knee Replacement

Mr. Ashok Bhan – Bilateral Total Knee Replacement

मैं घुटनों के दर्द से हताश होकर संत परमानन्द हॉस्पिटल में आया था, डॉ शेखर श्रीवास्तव ने मेरे दोनों घुटनों का एक साथ इलाज करके मेरी जिन्दगी के 15-20 साल वापिस लौटा दिए। उनकी दूरदर्शिता, हिम्मत और विश्वाश को देख के मुझे बहुत अच्छा लगा।

Mr. Ashok Bhan
Bilateral Total Knee Replacement