Total Knee Replacement


Total Knee Replacement is very rewarding surgery for advance arthritis of knee joint. Osteoarthritis of the knee joint is a progressive degenerative disease due to the aging process leading to pain , difficulty in walking & deformities. Knee can also get damaged due to other problems such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Post Traumatic Arthritis or any infection causing damage to the cartilage of the Knee joint. In initial stages of arthritis medicines, physiotherapy can help but in advance stages of arthritis only knee replacement can work.

What are the Indications of Total Knee Replacement?

Total Knee Replacement is required for cases with advanced arthritis of the Knee Joint. The
most common cause is Osteoarthritis of the knee joint which is wear & tear happening in
the Knee joint due to the aging process. Other indication includes Rheumatoid Arthritis or
Arthritis due to damage to the Knee Joint following infection or Trauma.

Who needs Total Knee Replacement?

Early arthritis of the Knee Joint can be managed with exercises, medicines & physiotherapy. But if the arthritis is in advanced stage where the patient is having difficulty in walking or having pain even at rest then Knee replacement is needed. Further if there is deformity in the legs or patient is having instability there also Knee replacement is needed.

What is done in Total Knee Replacement?

Total Knee Replacement involves replacing the damaged cartilage at the end of bones with Artificial Knee components. The collateral ligaments are preserved as they are needed for the stability of the Knee Joint.

Can both the Knees be replaced at the same time?

If the patient is having problem in both his knees and is medically fit after being examined by the physician & anesthetist , then both the knees can be replaced together.

When can a patient walk after Total Knee Replacement?

Nowadays Total knee Replacements( TKR ) are performed with MIS ( Minimally Invasive Technique) with latest implants. This leads to post- operative surgical pain & very quick recovery. The patient is made to walk from next day onwards with the help of a walker. By the time patient is discharged ( usually 3-5 days) he can ambulate on his own with the help of a walker. Gradually with exercises patient progresses to walking with a cane and then without any support in 3-6 weeks.

When can I lead a normal life after Total Knee Replacement?

Usually by 2 months a Knee Replacement patient can start doing household chores like cooking, can go for gentle walks , driving. The person can lead an almost normal life by 4-5 months. There are usually some restrictions after Knee replacements such as sitting cross legged or squatting on floor. Patients are allowed sports like swimming, cycling, or playing golf but should avoid physical sports like Football, Basketball.






Replacement of knee


After replacement of both knees

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