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ACL Injury in Young Adults-
ACL(Anterior cruciate ligament) injury is quite common in young adults which can be due to sports or motor vehicle injury. Earlier these injuries were quite neglected and sometimes even open repair were done leading to sub-optimal results . Arthroscopic reconstruction of ACL tear is the standard of care now with excellent results. The knee becomes stable, painless & patient can perform ALL activities without any restrictions. The whole surgery is performed through tiny keyhole incisions leading to quicker recovery and early return to function.

Elbow Replacement -
72 yr old lady suffered injury to her elbow with multiple fragments and poor bone quality because of osteoporosis. She couldn't be operated for 3 weeks because of poor skin condition. After 3 weeks we felt that fixation won't give good result because of small fragments and osteoporosis. Elbow replacement was done for her with excellent results. She's having a stable , painless ,functional elbow with full movements.

Reverse Shoulder Replacement -
73 yr old lady, suffering from pain in her Right shoulder for last 4-5 yrs due to Osteoarthritis. She was advised physiotherapy , medications and was even injected in her Shoulder joint without any long term benefit. The pain was so severe that even turning in bed was quite a task for her.She was then advised to bear with the pain or take painkillers for unbearable pain.

She was taken up for surgery and as her muscles were weak , Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty was performed on her. She was relieved of pain within 3 weeks of surgery and could perform normal day-today activity within 6-8 weeks.

Shoulder Arthroscopy for Instability -
28 year old gentleman was having problem of repeated dislocation of Lt. shoulder after injury. The traditional treatment involved open shoulder surgery which usually causes stiffness, pain and delayed recovery. This was successfully managed by Shoulder Arthroscopy by which torn Shoulder Labrum was fixed by keyhole incisions only causing minimal pain and early rehabilitation.

Shoulder Arthroscopy For Rotator Cuff Repair -
65 Yr old lady was having pain and weakness of her right shoulder and inability to lift her shoulder by herself. She also was dislocating her shoulder repeatedly.

She was Successfully managed by Shoulder Arthroscopy where her torn labrum as well as torn Rotator cuff was repaired. With meticulous repair and good rehab she regained her full shoulder function.
PCL Injury -
Posterior cruciate ligament is a very important stabilising ligament of the knee joint. It is a very strong ligament and provides stability to the knee joint from behind. Rupture of PCL ligament is quite uncommon in relation to ACL ligament injury and this usually happen in severe injury. PCL can be rupture either in the middle or it can get avulsed from its bony attachment at the tibia. Avulsed bony fragment is fixed with screws and it may be done arthroscopically or open technique. If it is a ruptured in the middle then it requires reconstruction which is done artroscopically.

Avulsed PCL Fragment Fixed with screws
Knee Surgery for Deformity Correction -
13 year old boy was having grossly deformed knee due to malnutrition in childhood. The patient was undertaken for Knee surgery and deformity correction was done. The patient is now having completely normal Knee with normal Function

Fractures around Knee Joint -
Fracture around knee joint are usually seen in young individuals following accidents. As knee is weight bearing joints, so any deficiency is managing these fractures properly can lead to pain, stiffness or deformity. Accurate reduction of all fractures fragments, stable fixation and proper physiotherapy is required to give a good result. A combination of good surgical skills and proper after care can give excellent results.

Fracture involving Knee Joint   Fracture fixed with plate & screws after accurately aligning Joint
Pateint regained full function without any pain
Femur Fracture -
59 Years / male with fracture of upper part of thing bone was treated with DCS plate and screws elsewhere but failed because of improper and inadequate fixation remove failed plate. Fixed the fracture with interlocking nail and bone grafting and bone united in 4 months

Humerus Fracture -
Radial Head Fixation
Young 23 year old man suffered fracture around the elbow ( radial head) due to fall at home. While in earlier times it would have been excised but it was fixed with special micro-screws with early mobilization of the elbow

Shoulder Replacement
Middle aged person fractured his right shoulder with multiple pieces osteoporotic bones. The patient was managed with replacement of the humeral head leading to quick recovery.

Total Knee Replacements -
Elderly patients with Arthritis of the knees with deformities are suitable candidates for Knee replacements . The joint is opened and prepared and implanted with best artificial joints . This corrects the deformity, relieves pain and improves the mobility of the patient

Elbow Replacement
50 year old lady having excruciating pain and stiffnes in her right Elbow which was damaged due to Rheumatoid arthritis. Patient was managed with Elbow replacement with excellent results.

Arthroscopic ACL Reconstruction
ACL is one of the commonest injured ligament of the knee joint. This leads to pain, instability and swelling of the knee joint. This ligament is reconstructed with the Hamstring graft harvested from patients own body. This is a very successful surgical procedure with a very low morbidity. The patient is ambulatory from next day onwards and can even climb stairs.

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