Mr Nitin Kumar Jha,
"I'm extremely satisfied by the treatment given by Dr Shekhar Srivastav...
Dr Rajeev Gupta, Dental Surgeon
"I had problem of repeated dislocation & Pain of my Rt. Shoulder following trauma....
I would like to thank u and ur entire team for my speedy recovery. The way u and ur staff handled my knee...
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Academics Activities

  Asian Arthroscopic Society Workshop, IOACON 2013,Agra, Faculty Lecture
    " Imaging Techniques of Knee Joint"
    " ACL reconstruction- Transportal Technique"

  Indo-British Shoulder workshop, IOACON 2013,Agra, Faculty Lecture
    " Shoulder Injection Techniques- What,When& How"
   " A-C Joint Injury Management- Principles & Techniques"

  Conducted DITO Shoulder Update, at SantParmanand Hospital on 30th Nov. & 1st Dec,
    Performed Live Surgical Demonstration- Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair

  Shoulder Arthroscopy Conference, Jaipur 2013-
Performed live surgery in the Conference- Arthroscopic Bankart Repair
Faculty Lectures- " Arthroscopic management of Shoulder instability"
" Mini-open rotator Cuff repair"
Conducted Panel discussion on Rotator Cuff tears

  SMAW 2013, Sir Gangaram Hospital- Faculty Lecture-
"Arthroscopic Bankart Repair- Tips & Technique"
" Role of Biceps in Rotator Cuff Tear"

  ISKSAA, Delhi-2013- Faculty Lecture-
"ACL avulsion fixation- Technique"
"Acute Acromio-Clavicular Joint injury- Arthroscopic Fixation"
Moderator Workshop- "Arthroscopic management shoulder problems"

 Delhi Arthroscopy Course 2013, Sports Injury Centre, Delhi- Panel
Discussion on Shoulder instability

  DOACON-2012, ISIC Delhi- Paper presentation " Percutaneous TENS nail fixation of fracture Clavicle"

  Punjab Orthopedics Association Annual Conference, Amritsar, Oct-2012- " Arthroscopy Knee- Basic setup and

  Asia-Pacific Orthopedic Association (APOA-2012, Delhi) - Faculty for Arthroscopy Workshop-" Patellar Instability
   and its management"

  Cadaveric Shoulder Arthroscopy Course (Depuy Mitek), Bangalore 2012- Faculty for Instability and Rotator Cuff

  DOA quarterly meet, Sep 2012- Lecture- " Shoulder Problems and Arthroscopic management"

  Meerut Orthopedics Club meet, Aug 2012- Lecture-" Shoulder Arthroscopy- New Frontier"

  Indian Arthroscopy Society Cadaveric Course, Delhi Sept 2012-

1. Shoulder Arthroscopy- Portals, Instrumentation & Diagnostic round
2. Complications of Shoulder Arthroscopy

  DOA Midcon Meet, July 2012- Presentation- " Bilateral Proximal Humerus Fracture">

  Indian Arthroscopy Society Cadaveric Course, Delhi May 2012- Faculty for Basic Knee Arthroscopy Course.

  ISKSAA 2012- Faculty and Panelist - ACL Session- ACL Graft Harvest, Tunnel placement, Fixation methods, Complications.

  IOACON 2011, Ghaziabad- Arthroscopy Workshop- ACL reconstruction and techniques

  Indian Arthroscopy Society Annual Conference, Chennai, Sept 2010,
Paper Presentation-"Medial Patellofemoral Ligament reconstruction for Patellar Instability."

Poster Presentation - "Arthroscopic excision of osteoid osteoma of Patella- A Case report."

  Arthroscopy cadaveric workshop, AIIMS, Sept 2010, " Surgical Options in Meniscal Injuries".

  Indian Arthroscopy Society - Cadaveric Course at Safdarjung Hospital, May 2009(Dec), Lectures-
" Arthroscopic Instruments- Care, Handling & Sterilisation"
" Meniscus Surgery, Synovectomy & Plica excision"

  Sports Medicine & Arthroscopy Workshop, Sir Gangaram Hospital, Delhi,
Mar 2010, Lecture " Complications in Cruciate Ligament Reconstructions".

  Delhi Orthopedic Association, Annual Conference 2010, Presentation-
"Medial Patellofemoral Ligament reconstruction for Patellar Instability"

  Indian Arthroscopy Society - Cadaveric Course at Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi 2009(Dec), Lectures

"Management of ACL avulsion (Tibial spine)"
"ACL reconstruction in Adolescent"

  Indian Orthopedics Association Annual Conference IOACON' 09,

   Bhubaneshwar (Arthroscopy Workshop) , Lecture, " Meniscus Tear- Management and Recent Advances"

  Shoulder Symposium, Sant Parmanand Hospital, Delhi 2009, Lecture
" Basic anatomy of Shoulder Joint"
" Shoulder Rehab- Principles and Guidelines"

  Delhi Orthopedic Association, Midcon 2009, Presentation-" Arthroscopic excision of osteoid osteoma of Patella- A
   case report".

  Indian Arthroscopy Society - Cadaveric Course at Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi 2009(Feb), Lecture " Clinical
   examination and MRI of Shoulder".

  Delhi Orthopedic Association, Delhi 2008, Presentation- "LCP fixation in Proximal Femur Fractures".

  Arthroscopy Meet- Bhubaneshwar 2007, Lecture " Correct tunnels for arthroscopic ACL reconstruction".

  Indian Arthroscopy Society- Manipal 2007, Paper "Arthroscopic ACL Reconstruction- Learning Curve".

  Indian Arthroplasty Association - Chandigarh 2007, Paper "Mechanical Alignment of Lower Limb in Total Knee

  Delhi Orthopaedic Association - " Knee Symposium 2006" Lecture " MRI Knee - What to see".

  Indo- German Orthopedic Foundation (IGOF) meet, Hyderabad Nov 2005 - Paper Presentation " Retrospective analysis of revision THR and its outcome".

  Indo- German Orthopedic Foundation (IGOF) meet Nagpur March 2005- Paper Presentation "Use of Formalin preserved allograft in revision THR".

  West Bengal state orthopedics conference, Howrah' 99, Paper Presentation "Difficult non - union of bones
   treated by illizarov's method".

  Orissa state orthopedics conference. Berhampur 1999- Paper presentation "Management of complex blast
   injuries of hand by external fixators". ( Best PG Paper Award).

  Orissa state orthopedics conference, Cuttack' 98- Paper Presentation "Various modalities of management of
   segmental defects of distal Tibia".

  Indian Orthopedics Association annual conference IOACON' 98, Jabalpur - Poster Presentation " Management of
   Trimalleolous fractures".

  Indian Orthopedics Association annual conference IOACON' 97, Kochi - Poster Presentation " Various modalities
   of Treatment of fracture patella".

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